At BCC|YOUTH, we strive to create a place where MIDDLE SCHOOL students can come and simply be.

During these Middle School years, there are a lot of changes going on in the lives of students. Physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. We believe it is crucial for students to have a safe place where they are known, loved, served, and celebrated.

We want our students and their friends to have a place where they can try on different hats in order to develop emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Our hope is that each student that walks through our doors would enter our community and experience a safe and welcoming environment!

In order to build this kind of community, we have created 4 ways for students in 6-8th grade to be involved.  

  1. Youth Group for Middle School students is THE place where all students in 6th-8th grade will gather for Biblical teaching and community. This happens on Sunday mornings directly after our church worship service. From 10:45-Noon our middle students will gather in The House for a youth group experience, which includes: teaching, games, snacks, and small groups.

  2. The House is a drop in center we have created for students who are in 6th-12th grade. They can stop by anytime from 4-8pm on Tuesdays and can stay as long or short as they want. While at The House, our students can do homework, hang out with friends, play all sorts of games (video games, board games, and lawn games), meet with their Confirmation mentors, grab a snack, chat with their youth pastor, or anything else that they can think of (including naps!)  The House is simply intended to give our students (and their friends) a safe place to be after school.  There are always caring adults there who will help our students experience the type of community where they are known, loved, served, and celebrated!

  3. Confirmation is a two-year discipleship journey during which your child will be exposed to a survey of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. In Addition, they will be introduced to some basic Church history and doctrine and will get a chance to know our pastors and mentors on a more personal level. Our number one hope for confirmation is that your son/daughter will grow in their faith and devotion in Jesus Christ.  

  4. Service Projects include a wide range of activities ranging from a week long mission trip, to things like the 30 Hour Famine, and can be as small as volunteering on a weekend or afternoon in the community. These service projects will differ from year to year, and each year may include more than one type of service project. Our hope is that being involved in these service projects would help our students understand the importance in being involved in the community where they live, as well as the community of the Church as a whole both local and abroad.