At bCC|YOUTH, we want to create places, moments, and events in the lives of our students where they can know and experience the kindness of God.  With all of the stress and busyness our students go through on a daily basis, we want to give them a place that is familiar, safe, and comfortable. 

Why??  Because one of our goals as a student ministry is to provide an active community for students to belong to.  A place where each student is knownlovedserved, and celebrated!  A place where relationships with others are strengthened and an understanding of God is nurtured.  

That’s why we do what we that students can grow in their relationships with God and others!  

To this end, we provide several connecting points throughout the month.  Here's what a typical month looks like for High School students:

Sunday School (10:45-12:00)

Sunday morning gives us a chance to gather as a community and take a much deeper look at some topics and issues that will help us grow in our faith.    

The House!  (4:00-8:00)

Fika & Friends @ 4:00!  
Fika is the Swedish version of a coffee break. But there is more going on than just drinking coffee. Fika is connecting.  It is time together. Sharing stories about life and faith. Some of the best ideas and conversations evolve during fika.  So bring a friend, and swing by The House!  
Learn more about The House.

One Wednesday per month
Random Acts of Kindness  (7:00-8:30)

Once a month, our school students will do one of our FAVORITE things!  We're going to perform Random Acts of Kindness in and around the greater Bellingham community.  Each month will be make sure you're at every one!

The House (4-8)

The House is our twice-weekly drop in center where students get to come and simply do whatever they need to do.  Homework, video games, after-school snack, relax, connect with leaders and friends, Netflix, small group Bible name it, you got it!  Time in The House is one way our students can slow down and focus on what really matters the most.  Here, we take students who are striving to live life to the fullest and we surround them with others who are pursuing a growing relationship with Christ.  We hope to see soon at The House!

One saturday per month 
all bcc|youth game night!!

The all bcc|youth Game Night is a high energy and fast-paced evening that will encourage our students to simply have fun!  Our greatest desire is that each student would bring a friend or two to the game night!  More information will be coming your way on our all bcc|youth Game Nights!!