We desire to embody a biblical community rooted in the life and message of Jesus Christ and choose to follow him with our heart, head, and hands.

We’re a collection of imperfect people who don’t pretend to have it all together.  We share one thing in common—a deeply meaningful experience of knowing God in Jesus Christ.  It’s our conviction that at some level all people have a craving for God and these cravings can only be filled by knowing Jesus.

God is always about forming and shaping people.  In fact, we believe the church is nothing more than a group of people striving to love God and our neighbors (Mt 22:37-40) and join in with God to complete his mission on this earth (Mt 28:18-20).

As a church we intentionally seek to warmly welcome everyone and share our lives together.  We value authentic relationships and hope to create a community of belonging.  We are purposely inter-generational and above all seek to be a place of spiritual growth and development.