Mortgage Paydown Opportunity

As was announced during our worship service on Sunday, September 29th Bellingham Covenant has been presented with an incredible opportunity which is being facilitated by some private donors who love our church.

We have been given the chance to completely retire our mortgage debt several years early, saving thousands of dollars in interest payments and freeing up funds and energy for further missional outreach in our community and around the world!

Here’s how it will work:

  • On Saturday, November 23rd, BCC will host a “Mortgage Retirement Party” in which any funds raised by the congregation will be matched 2-for-1 by the anonymous donors. That means if you give $100 toward this initiative, a total of $300 will be immediately erased from our debt.

  • With a current loan of approximately $450,000 remaining on our building, we can entirely pay off our mortgage if we are able to raise $150,000, as our donors will match $300,000.

  • To pay off our loan in this fashion would bring our current monthly mortgage payment of over $10,000 down to zero and give us the ability to devote these funds to furthering the mission of the church in new ways.

Meeting our building loan obligations has always been dependent on the faithful, above-and-beyond giving of our congregation over many years.  We are now facing what could be a defining moment in the history of our congregation, as we continue on the road toward becoming a healthy, missional church.  

Would you consider giving generously toward this initiative in one of the following ways?

  • Use one of the “Mortgage Paydown” envelopes located in the pews between now and November 23rd. Make the check out to “BCC” and mark in the memo line “mortgage paydown” before dropping it into the regular offering.

  • Give online HERE between now and November 23rd.

  • Come to our Mortgage Retirement Party at BCC on November 23rd and give toward this initiative by cash, check or card.

We invite your involvement in this initiative at whatever level you are able to participate!  If you have questions, you can contact our mortgage paydown financial team HERE (paydown@bellinghamcov.org).