We will take time to pray for this issue during our service on Sunday, 3/12, but wanted to get this time-sensitive information out as soon as possible.

International Christian ministries in India face growing pressure from a nationalist government suspicious of the influence of “foreign religion.”  Since the new government took power in 2014, over 10,000 nongovernmental organizations providing foreign aid to India have had their operating licenses revoked.  The most recent casualty of this battle is the Christian charity Compassion International, which has been prevented from distributing funds to its affiliates in India for months now.  Compassion will close its doors in India on March 15th absent any change in government policy.  In the world of private foreign aid, Compassion is a giant, providing close to $50 million annually to India in support of children’s nutrition, health and education.  145,000 children receive services through Compassion affiliates in India, which has operated in the country for 48 years. 

What you can do:

·       PRAY – Ask for God’s grace and provision for these children and their families, as a tremendous source of support is cut off.   Pray as well for Compassion and the many other Christian charity organizations which are seeking ways to continue ministering to India’s most vulnerable in an increasingly hostile environment.

·       LEARN – Read further about these developments in a recent New York Times article.  Also, Compassion's blog has several recent articles about the situation in India.

·       ADVOCATE – Compassion is asking for Americans to write their senators and representatives to raise awareness of this issue and to encourage them to petition India’s government for a temporary reprieve from the funding restrictions.  (It only takes a minute to fill out the online form using the above link and register your petition with your legislators).