Bellingham Covenant contributes an auction item each year to the Interfaith Coalition Annual Auction.  Interfaith provides emergency and transitional housing for homeless families as well as shelter in extreme weather and support for our marginalized neighbors in Whatcom County.  

This year we will be donating a Supper of the Month.  Therefore we need 12 volunteer cooks to prepare a fully cooked and "ready to heat" meal for 4, including dessert.  You can do it with a friend, or with your small group.  Think homemade lasagna, salad, and breadsticks or Enchiladas with chips and guacamole.  You decide what you are willing to prepare, you will be assigned a month, and then you simply bring the food to church on the first Sunday of your month and we will deliver it.  It would be great to have dishes that are family favorites.

To sign up for a month please email or talk to Nathan Dwyer (  We need 12 cooks to volunteer to put together this tasty item for the auction.