Anyone recognize this?  Maybe it's not the most exciting picture to start your Missions News blog off with, but it's an important one.  This is, in fact, the exit from our church parking lot onto Bakerview Road.  It's the route most of us take as we're heading home or to lunch (or to Costco) after service on Sunday.  And I hope that we also come to see it as the entrance to the mission field.  As we gather to worship Jesus, hear from God's Word, pray and have fellowship with one another every Sunday morning, we are then scattered into the world again to be the Church for those around us.

While you're here, you might want to check out our Mission Updates page, with the latest newsletter updates from missionaries that Bellingham Covenant supports (please have patience as we add them on one-by-one).  You might also be interested in reviewing the materials from our Missions Classes, the first of which is currently meeting on Sundays during our Life Together hour.

I hope you'll check back here every so often to see what's happening in our church, our community and our world in terms of outreach and missions.  And I pray that, as a church, we'll begin to see ourselves as the missionaries we are.