Refugee Relief Fundraiser Presentation (Dec. 6, 2015)

On December 6th, BCC hosted guests from World Vision who spoke about the crisis unfolding in Europe and the Middle East.  We had approximately an hour after the service to learn about the crisis, and then held a fundraiser lunch which brought in nearly $8,000 in one-time gifts and pledges for the work that World Vision is doing to assist refugees.  You can see the presentation video below.  If you feel led to become a World Vision Refugee Responder (supporter) you can do so here.

Our Fall 2015 class, Living Missionally, finished on November 8th.  Look below for class materials (audio recordings, PowerPoints and supplemental readings).

  • Week 2:  The Missional Church Pt. 2

  • Week 3:  The Church's Engagement With Islam (guest speaker) - A cross-cultural worker from the Middle East shared her heart and ministry with us in this powerful message about bridging cultures for the sake of Christ (see video).  If you are interested in joining her mailing list or learning more about her work, please email Steven Shetterly.  Note:  For the security of this worker please do not re-post or link to this video on websites or via social media (feel free to share the link to this page via email).

  • Week 4:  The Need in Our Community - guest speaker Lauree Fletcher, Executive Director of Whatcom Love INC
    • Week 4 PowerPoint - The Need in Our Community - A New Look at Poverty (note that the first "Reframing Poverty" audio file below goes along with the PowerPoint)
    • For contact information in order to volunteer or support Love INC, please see our Get Involved page.

  • Week 5:  Christ and College - Building Christian Community at Whatcom CC (guest speakers)

  • Week 6:  Putting it Into Practice (Workshop)