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ReFrame: Connecting Faith & Life

See below for links to videos, audio and PowerPoint related to our 8-week fall series on ReFrame, a course designed to help Christians connect their faith to their Monday through Saturday lives.




Class Description: ReFrame invites Christians to consider how God’s story in Scripture is relevant to all of life – whether it’s tending a garden, caring for children, or negotiating a business deal. This series explores questions such as: What does it actually look like to live as Christ’s ambassadors in today's world? How can we as Christians see our callings as contributing to God's big story? And how has God called us as Bellingham Covenant Church to serve as Christ’s ambassadors within our local community and in light of how God is working in the world? Through TED-style talks, interviews with on-the-ground practitioners and thought leaders, along with interactive discussion and practical application, together we’ll explore how Christ reframes our lives, our world, and even our community at BCC.

Weekly Agenda:

Sept. 23 – The Reframing Story (introduction)

Sept. 30 – Cultural Stories

Oct. 7 – Creation and Fall

Oct. 14 – Israel’s Calling

Oct. 21 – Congregational Meeting (no classes)

Oct. 28 – Jesus the King

Nov. 4 – Future Hope & Present Reality

Nov. 11 – Living as Ambassadors

Nov. 18 – Joyful Living/Final wrap-up

WEEK 6:  Future Hope and Present Reality

Where are we going, and how do we get there? These are the two main questions we tackled in this week’s session. This was a combination of two different Reframe episodes, both of which are viewable in their entirety below (these videos will only be available until November 30, 2018).

Episode 6 - New Heavens & New Earth

Episode 7 - Transforming Creation

WEEK 5:  Jesus the King

Christians are accustomed to referring to Jesus as a “King,” but what does this mean? What kind of kingship did Jesus, the itinerant rabbi, actually have? How does this wholly unusual king reveal to us the very heart of God? These are some of the questions addressed by New Testament professor Rikk Watts and others in this week’s video.


WEEK 4:  Israel’s Calling

Beginning with the call of Abraham, Israel was to be God’s instrument for blessing the nations. How did this play out, and what connection do Christians living in the 21st century have with Jews who lived in the centuries before Christ? Old Testament professor Phil Long and others unpack these questions in this week’s videos. We do not have an audio recording of the session at BCC, but have attached the PowerPoint slideshow before the videos so you can follow along.


WEEK 3:  Creation and Fall

What does the Biblical account of creation and fall have to say about our identity as the “imagebearers of God”? How does this identity work itself out in our vocations and our day-to-day walk with Jesus and others? We dig into this topic via video and discussion, and end with a testimony from one of BCC’s own members about her process of discerning her own calling.

WEEK 2:  Cultural Stories

What are the stories that control our cultural and individual narratives? How do we view what it means to be significant, successful, and loved? And what does the Bible have to say about all of this? Join us as we explore what it means to “not conform any longer to the patterns of this world but be transformed by the renewing of our minds.” (Romans 12:2)

Class audio, PowerPoint and ReFrame video clips (31 minutes)


Full Unabridged Reframe video (37 minutes)

WEEK 1:  The ReFraming Story

If Christ indeed is Lord of all things and is reconciling all things to himself (Colossians 1:15-20), why do we so often relegate the Christian faith to a limited, “private” sphere with few or no connections to the rest of the world? We explore this foundational theme in the first week of our course.

Full Video (35 minutes):

Week 1 PowerPoint Presentation

For our purposes at BCC, we edited the full-length video (above) to approximately 20 minutes and interspersed it with class interaction and dialogue. The slide presentation below gives a sense of the flow of our conversation. In future weeks, we hope to be able to post the full audio and video portions of our weekly sessions.