An eight WEEK discussion faith

NUA / nu: ʌ / noo-ah / Language of origin: Irish Adjective, meaning “new”

NUA is all about exploration: it’s a film series that encourages questions, acknowledges doubt, and offers an engaging perspective on the Christian faith.

This series will equip you with an ability to intelligently explore and understand what you believe. It will provide you with tools to discuss your worldview with credibility and confidence, while encouraging you to wrestle with the things that just don’t seem to make sense. Ultimately, this film series is about impact — immediate and personal, as well as the long-term, life-changing experience of working out your faith.


Sunday, April 14

How Did We Get Here?

Episode Summary
Both science and faith seem to suggest that the universe began at a precise moment in time. If this is true, something caused everything to begin—and this powerful creative force must be beyond the universe itself. Contrary to popular belief, having a faith does not mean you have to ignore science. Science helps us understand how and when the universe came to be. Faith is about exploring who created it and why. As far as we know, we are the only creatures on earth asking why we are here. Is our desire for meaning a clue to who we really are? Maybe we are here by chance—or maybe we were created for a purpose.

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Sunday, April 21

Happy Easter!

There will be no Youth Group today…enjoy the snacks in the foyer!!


Sunday, April 28

What About The Resurrection?

Episode Summary
Jesus’ tomb was found empty three days after his death—so what happened to the body? One of three things is possible: either Jesus faked his death, the body was stolen, OR Jesus actually rose from the dead. Crucifixion was designed to kill slowly—no one survived that kind of torture. So, if he really died, maybe the body was stolen and the disciples lied about the resurrection. Why, then, would they choose women as their key witnesses? (Matthew 28:5-8). In the first century, the word of a woman was not considered legal testimony. As for the Romans and the Jews, they both had strong motives for keeping Jesus in the grave—and yet, neither group produced the body when rumours of resurrection began to circulate. Is it possible Jesus really did come back from the dead? If so, it changes everything (1 Corinthians 15:14).

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Sunday, May 5


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Sunday, May 12

How Can You Say That God Is Good?

Episode Summary
Lots of people wonder how God could allow so much evil in the world. You see, humans have been given the ability to love—and love is what makes suffering possible. Choosing to love makes life meaningful, but as a result, we also have to deal with the consequences of people choosing not to love. The story of Jesus is one of a God who came into the world and experienced our pain. The Bible tells us that he wept, but instead of looking for someone to blame, Jesus asked what God could do. Christianity doesn’t try to explain suffering, but Jesus invites us to respond to it. Following Jesus doesn’t mean that we will never suffer, but the Bible does promise that suffering will end someday(Revelation 21:4). Until then, we can find opportunities to serve those in need.


Sunday, May 19

All-Church 6k At Lake Padden