Emma Klootwyk
Middle School Director


My hometown is Shoreline Wa, which is where I was born in '97


My major is Physical Therapy, hopefully with an emphasis on rehab. I am currently at Whatcom Community College, but plan to go back to Western when I graduate with my PTA/AA degree.


Ever since I was a little kid I've been in love with horses, and rode them for about 13 years, before I quit in high school to join a competitive vocal ensemble. I sang with the group for about 2 years, and won the state competition my senior year. My parents (Grady and Kris) both are heavily involved in the Church and they have supported me in all of my endeavors. Then there is my brother Jacob, who is more than just a brother...he is one of my best friends. I have gone though most of my schooling with him, and have tried to learn how to be as sassy as he is but its a work in progress.  I currently have one dog named Sadie, but have had 8 pets throughout my life time ( 3 horses, 3 dogs, a hamster and a fish).


My interests include COFFEE, fitness and singing. Although hanging out with friends in my spare time is also super important to me. 


My favorite music is most anything Country... I really like Jason Aldean and Tim McGraw, but I know literally ever song on JRFM. I also really like contemporary worship music, like Elevation Worship and Lauren Daigle.


My favorite shows are White Collar and Bones. Which I will binge watch on Netflix as my guilty pleasure because Sudden Valley doesn't have cable. 


My favorite Book is The Horse God Built by Lawrence Scanlan. Its about the race horse Secretariat, and how he was the only horse to win horse of the year at 2 years old, and race the triple crown and win all 3 by unprecedented lengths.


My favorite childhood memories are:
1) Waking up the first Christmas morning we had in Wisconsin, and "Santa" had called us on the phone and asked how we liked our new house and if we liked our presents... it was really neat because it made that first Christmas extra special for my brother and I.
2) My other favorite memory is when I won my first horse show. I had actually borrowed a horse and the clothes in order to compete because it was all so expensive, but I'll never forget how it felt to be the best at what I loved to do...even if for just one day. The other Kids had  affluent parents who bought them all of the things that my family couldn't afford, but one of my friends gave me her expensive show clothes to compete with, and my trainer let me use his horse and his tack. On show day I entered into 2 rounds, and did so well that I qualified for the championship round, and won it for my age group!

 It was really an awesome day. 


If I could meet anyone, I'd really love to meet Tim McGraw, because he is my favorite country musician, and he has come up with some beautiful and truthful music that goes beyond the glam of being famous. He's stuck to his own style and hasn't conformed to the pop-country fad that's going around. But I'd love to hear how he got started with his career, and what has inspired him. I'd also love to sing with him but that's just a side note ;)


If I could have one super hero power it would be telepathy.