BCC|Kids Camp

July 24th-27th | 9am-12:00pm

At BCC|Kids Camp (VBS) we are exploring GADGETS & GIZMOS. Our aim is to capture kid’s imagination about their Creator so they can discover how they are…

  • MADE by God.
  • MADE for a relationship with Jesus.
  • And MADE to love others.

 This summer, discover how the Creator of all things created us to know and love Him.

BCC|Kids Camp is open for kids entering grades Preschool-5th grade in the fall. We can’t wait!


What You Need to Know

Nursery | All Morning
Our Nursery is available for kids birth-toddler for parents attending Sunday morning worship services and adult Christian Formation classes.

Large Group Time | First Hour
Large Group Time is the first experience kids toddler through 3rd grade will have when they leave the service when kids are dismissed. We worship together and then split into groups. Preschool-Toddlers go into classroom 1 and K-3rd graders stay in the gym for live story telling and games. 

Small Group Time | Second Hour
At 11AM when everyone is transitioning out of the service, we have an additional hour when the kids get to continue the days lesson with small group leaders through crafts and application activities. This frees parents to attend a class or relax with a cup of coffee! 

Nursing Mothers/Family Room
This room is located in the back of the sanctuary for nursing mothers. 

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Christian Formation

Orange Curriculum
Orange, the method we use on Sunday mornings for Christian formation, seeks to link the Light of Christ found in the church (Yellow), with the Warmth of the family (Red) to create a true partnership of church and family (Orange).  In other words, a walk with Christ does not start and end on Sundays. It is a continual daily practice for kids and parents and this curriculum provides us a platform for us to partner with you, the family, effectly.

For more information about orange please visit:


Bellingham Covenant Preschool

Bellingham Covenant Preschool provides programs for children ages 3-5. Our Mission is to provide a Christian atmosphere for children’s spiritual, social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. We believe that each child has a unique gift from God and is to be treasured and taught as such. For more information please visit our webpage.



Need a pick me up? More than just caffeine to get you through the day?


Get refreshed by the word and friends! Child care and coffee provided

Mondays $ Tuesdays 9:30AM-11:30AM




Would you SAY YES to help inspire kids to a life long relationship with God? Would you be willing to eat snacks, laugh, sing and play with kids? Than please consider joining our team! We would love your help! 

Please contact our Children's Director Hannah Cranny to learn how you can be involved in kids lives this year.

(206) 676-2793