Working with students can appear to be very complex when actually it is not. Here are some common misconceptions about working with students. 

You must be young

  • Older leaders bring great wisdom, maturity and life to any team. Students need to be exposed to Christ Followers of all ages in order for them to see the Christian life modeled. 

You must have adequate Bible training 

  • If you have been a Christ Follower for a decent period of time, have attended a Bible teaching church, and can show students places in scripture you have learned from, that is a great beginning. Further training is always valuable, but not required. 

You must be perfect

  • We are all sinners who have been saved by grace. Each day, we are working out our faith to become more like Christ, the ONLY perfect person. It is imperfections that keep us humble, focused on God, and allows God to work through us. 

You must be a captivating communicator

  • In 1 Corinthians 2:1-4, it was the Apostle Paul who told the Corinthian church that he preached the gospel with fear, weakness and trembling, and that the only reason his message was captivating was because it was the power of God who made it captivating! 

You must be able to act like a student 

  • Students want a role model, not another friend. Enough said. 

You must have plenty of free time

  • Use the time you have as an offering to God, and He will multiply the fruits of your labor.

You must know everything about popular youth culture

  • We must always be learners. The day we stop learning is the day we stop living. 

You must be wild, crazy, and dynamic

  • We need you to care, listen, challenge, support, serve and pray. It doesn’t matter what kind of personality or energy you have.