Wired Week 1

WIRED: Week 1


BOTTOM LINE: The image of God is all around us.


Do you know how a cell phone works? What about a tablet? Or what about the WiFi connection at your favorite coffee shop. Sure, we like using them, but doesn’t it seem strange to you that you can type a few words and they pop up on a screen on the other side of town? Or you can snap a photo on your phone and make it appear instantly on someone else’s, even if they’re in another country? The truth is, we’re around wireless devices all the time but most of us have no idea how they work. They feel like magic. And if we’re honest, sometimes we get the same feeling when it comes to God. People talk about knowing Him or even loving Him, but how does that work when you can’t see Him? How do you have a conversation with someone who doesn’t talk back? Believe it or not, the answer may be far less complicated than you think. As we take a look back at the very beginning we discover that, not only did God design the world around us, but He wired something in us that can help us to connect with Him. And when we take notice of it, we may just find that He becomes less invisible to us all the time.