2019 bcc 
SWEDEN intergenerational

June 24-July 5


Here at Bellingham Covenant Church, we believe strongly in giving our people hands-on experiences with their faith. This can look like weekly community gatherings, service projects, retreats, small group gatherings and summer trips. Our summer trips are intended to get us out of the building and into a new environment—one where we can experience our relationship with Christ in new and unexpected ways. The overall purpose of each summer trip is to explore with people how Christ is working throughout our entire world—and to invite them to join this redemptive work. This summer (2019) is our International/Multicultural Service Trip!

This year, we will be traveling to the city of Norrköping, Sweden, which is about an hour outside of Stockholm.



While we don’t have all the details for this trip, we can tell you this:

  • We will be partnering with pastor Mario Marquez and his church (Hagebykyrkan) as they love and minister to their city, Norrköping

  • We will be working directly with refugees/immigrants…teaching them English

  • We will be doing upkeep and maintenance at a local Christian camp

  • We will be traveling with a church-owned Café Bus…sharing in the beloved Swedish tradition of Fika with new friends from the church as they bless and build relationships with their neighbors



  • Flying accommodations are being made through High Point Travel

  • We will be sleeping at a church on cots

    • we do NOT need to bring bedding

  • We will shower in homes of congregation members or nearby public showers (similar to YMCA)

  • Our meals will be at the church, at our ministry sites, and at local restaurants

  • Once in Sweden, we will be traveling in rented vans


June 24 - July 5


This summer trip will cost approximately $1,800- $2,000 per person

Assistance from the church:

    • Those with sufficient financial resources are encouraged to fully pay their own way, leaving scholarship/fundraising dollars for those who truly need them.

    • Each high school student will receive an instant scholarship from the church.  This amount will be determined once all registrations are turned in.

    • Money will be available to those who participate in our all-church fundraiser.

    • We never want money to be the reason someone doesn’t go on a trip.  We have limited scholarships available for those who need assistance.  Please contact Jeff G for more details.


This year, we need two things from participants who are participating on this trip:

  1. A Registration Form with a non refundable $200.00 deposit
    Due ASAP, final deadline of Sunday, January 6, 2019

  2. A 300 Word reflection paper about your faith journey
    Typed and due WITH your registration form.

    Consider including the following in your essay:

      • How did your faith journey begin?  

      • Where are you at now with your faith/What are you currently learning?  

      • Are there any scriptures that are encouraging to you?

      • If you’ve been on a previous trip with BCC, how did it challenge or encourage you on your journey of faith?

      • Why do you want to go on this trip?  What do you hope to learn about your faith?

      • Also include: What makes you anxious about this trip?  What makes you excited?

Before you register:

  • Have your 300 word reflection typed, and ready to copy/paste into the form)

  • Have credit/debit card handy for payment

  • Have passport handy

  • Have insurance info/card handy


A passport is required to enter Sweden.

  • U.S. citizens can enter Sweden for up to 90 days without a visa.

  • Your passport must be valid for 6 months beyond the period of stay (i.e. it should not expire until at least January 6, 2020)


First, that God would use you in powerful ways…and that our team would make a difference in the lives of the people we meet and serve.

Second, that your personal walk with Christ would change. We pray that you will be sparked to re-examine your life priorities in light of what it means to be the hands and feet of Jesus in a hurting world.

Finally, that your life back home would change. We hope you’d return to the Bellingham community with new eyes — sensitized to see the ethnic diversity and pockets of poverty that may have escaped you previously. We also pray that you would return home with a new vision for how your faith can impact your home life and your community at large.


Our high school students are actually the ones who inspired this trip! That’s because one of the values we have as a church is mixing the generations all together!  One of the major benefits of being intergenerational for our students is that they are really known by our adults.  Studies show that being known like this is a major contributing factor towards having a faith that “sticks” after high school.  Additionally, in order to make sure a trip like this happens, we need more people!  Sooo…church, anyone wanna come with us??!!  Because you can!  Just speak with Jeff G or Steven about your involvement!


One of the most important elements of this trip is the team that God calls to Sweden.  To be a part of this trip means that you are also a member of a team of peers who desire to grow closer to God and each other.  To that end, each individual member has a responsibility to help the entire team achieve our goals along the way. Please know that these trips are as a significant and formative element in your life.  When you say yes to this trip, you are also saying yes to a deeper level of spiritual accountability in your growing relationship with Christ.  

  • Spiritually, each team member will agree to spend time each week reading their Bible and praying for other team members.  Team members may be asked to share their “testimony” with others or they may be asked to pray out loud for specific things while on the trip (safety in travel, thanks for meals, prayer for people, etc.)

  • Financially, each team member will agree to make regular payments on time (unless other arrangements have been made) and will be at team-fundraisers.

  • Practically, each team member agrees to be at each of our team meetings.  If you need to miss one:

    • Email Jeff G. with a brief written explanation and parent approval at least one week in advance.  

    • Coordinate with a teammate who will collect any papers and handouts.

    • Team Meetings will be announced in mid-January

  • Relationally, each team member will agree to treat other members of our team in a respectful manner.  We will not tolerate “behind the back” conversations (gossip), under your breath comments, or anything that causes other team members to feel excluded.  We will allow positive and kind words of affirmation and any act of inclusion!


Please talk this over with your family and spend time praying about your involvement.  We have taken countless trips with people over our years of ministry and we’ve have seen firsthand the impact these types of trips can have on one’s life.  We strongly believe that these out-of-the-box experiences give you real-life experiences that God can use to deepen faith and trust!

Thanks for your support and involvement in our International Trip!

Jeff G & Steven


If this trip is right for your family, please do the following:

  1. Have your 300 word reflection typed, and ready to copy/paste into the form)

  2. Have credit/debit card handy for payment

  3. Have passport handy

  4. Have insurance info/card handy