God's Story, Our Story, My story

We are currently engaged in an extended sermon series which covers the basic story of the Bible...from Genesis through Revelation.
We're thrilled to explore the Scriptures to see how God’s interaction creation and humanity has led to His redemptive plans for all.


Below, you will find our first two sermons which give the overview of this extended sermon series.  Click here for the rest of the sermons in this series.

Throughout this sermon series we will focus on a three essential areas:


We’ll view the entire Bible holistically and as an integrated account of “God’s story”. Ultimately, all of human history is God's story.  The complete story of the Bible is important because it helps us to be shaped by this history that tells the truth about our world. This story line leads from creation, to humanity’s fall into sinful brokenness, to offering redemption through Jesus Christ, and lastly restoring God's world in the fullness of time.



We’ll view the entire Bible as the story of God’s people – demonstrated both through the nation of Israel and ultimately through His Church.  Jesus and the good news he announces is the fulfillment of the history that unfolds in the Old Testament. The Jews knew that this story was leading up to a culmination when God would act decisively to both save and judge the world. Jesus announces that he is the goal of this redemptive story. The church is essential to this Gospel. Jesus launched a community of people to be the visible presence of a “New Society”, set apart from, but engaged with this world.  



Lastly, we’ll apply God’s story and the story of His people to our individual lives.  We believe that this is where the Bible has been timely and practical for each genera-tion of Jesus followers.  Each individual may find his or her own life story given new life and changed by God’s redemptive story.  As we apply the Bible in this way, we will prayerfully become individuals who are growing in Christ, equipped to live as a light through His church, to help bring hope through working for “His Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven”.

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