What is Confirmation?
Confirmation  is a two-year discipleship journey during which your child will be exposed to a survey of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. In Addition, they will be introduced to some basic Church history and doctrine and will get a chance to know our pastors and mentors on a more personal level. Our number one hope for confirmation is that your son/daughter will grow in their faith and devotion in Jesus Christ.

Retreat Based
This year, we are going to be taking our confirmation students on six mini-retreats throughout the year. We're doing this because of the high value we place on learning in community and so that we might have fun in the process!

Even though we’re not meeting every week in a classroom, there is still work to be done between retreats.  Students will meet with their mentors at the church to go over new material.  These meetings will be 30-45 minutes long and will be done at a time that works for both the mentor and the student.  

Each Student Gets A Mentor
This year, we want to emphasize the importance of discipleship and mentoring as a part of our Confirmation process.  A mentor is simply someone who will spend time with a confirmation student in order to discuss the topics covered during each retreat.  Studies show that students who are known well by a broad number of adults have a better chance of growing and sticking with their faith after they graduate High School.  

A word about mentors
As with all adults who volunteer to work with our students, mentors need to be safe and trusted.  Each candidate will go through an interview process with Jeff and will have a background checked performed.  Once approved, mentors will be trained and equipped to work with your child.  We’re going to request that mentors meet with their student at the church for accountability purposes.  Preferably, we'd like for students to meet with their mentor on Thursdays anytime from 4:00-8:00 pm while there are other people at the church.  There can be flexibility in the meeting time, this is just a suggestion.  

More Details
Confirmation ends with a ceremony where the work the students have accomplished is celebrated!  In order to have integrity with this celebration, students must meet a set of minimum requirements.  While we would LOVE for every student to be at everything, we realize that this is nearly impossible.  Here are the guidelines to follow:

Confirmation Retreats
Students are required to be at all retreats unless otherwise discussed with Jeff at least a week before the retreat.

Mentor Meeting
Students should meet with their mentors at a minimum of 3 times between retreats.

I’ve missed a retreat or mentor meetings, now what?
All hope is not lost!  There are ways to “make up” your missed sessions.  

        1.  If you missed more than two retreats, students will meet with Jeff in order to go over the missed content.

        2.  If you miss mentor meetings, you will need to make it up with your mentor at a convenient time that works for you.  

Thanks for taking the time to read through this and if you have any questions, feel free to email me.