Colleen Miller

Administrative Assistant/Director of Caregiving


Dover, New Jersey 


Executive Secretary in Corporate settings - 10 years.  Optometric technician for 5 years.  Raised two children as a stay at home mom.  Director of a non-profit for 15 years. Currently, serves as Director of Stephen Ministry at BCC.

My Family

Married to Dave Miller (34 years).  Daughter Michelle and her husband, Jared and my grandchildren Norah and Joshua, living in Red Deer, Alberta; Son Ben and his wife, Melissa, living in Ferndale. Blessed to have family living nearby.   


I like to do creative decorating, throw large and small tea parties, and spend time with my grandchildren.  I also love my job. 

Favorite Music

I like a variety of music, depending on atmosphere.  I like ‘old time’ rock-n-roll, ‘lite’ classical, and worship music. 

Favorite Books  

Devotional - My Utmost for His Highest.  Ragamuffin Gospel, Fresh Wind - Fresh Fire, Lord Foulgrin, Tragedy of American Compassion, and auto-biographies.  

Favorite Foods  

Italian, milk chocolate, Earl Grey Tea!