At Bellingham Covenant Church we want to see men and women grow a vibrant faith in Christ!  

But this doesn’t happen solo. 

We need one another to learn with and from, to test and experience gifts and talents, to enlarge our vision of God and faith.  It’s out of this desire to help one another that we have something called Life Together.  

Life Together meets Sunday mornings from 11:00-12:00 and provides opportunities for adults to learn, serve, and grow in relationship with God and others.  We have found a unique rhythm that helps us break up the year into manageable classes and experiences.   

  • Phase 1 is built around classes that run 5-6 weeks.  Participants will enjoy topics that are centered on the Bible and practical Christian living.  
  • Phase 2 incorporates a variety of one-time opportunities where our adults have the chance to participate in social events and service projects.   
  • The Lent Series happens during the 6 weeks that lead up to Easter.  As a church, we preach on a specific theme and then gather in small groups after the service to further discuss the topic.  

We’d love for you to take advantage of the opportunities we’re providing this year!  It’s our honor to journey with you as your walk with Christ and get to know some great people! 

If you have questions or want to jump in and help, contact Janet Russell. 

Spring Phase 1 Classes 2017

SUNDAYS April 23-May 14

11:00 - NOON 

Creating Community Around Our Passions.

Facilitated by Nancy Lewis and Joy Soltis

(This class will continue through May 21)

What kind of small group or activity would you rearrange your schedule for? Do you have a dream of creating a small group or ministry team reflecting your passion, interest, and gifts? This class will affirm and equip you to follow your dream!

Learn how God works within us as we minister to others. Discover scriptural principles and benefits that result as people work together around a common purpose. We'll dialogue together, sharing ideas and experiences, and look to scripture. You'll receive the practical help and leadership skills you need to begin a group and ensure its success.

Sermon Discussion: God's Story, Our Story, My Story

Facilitated by Justin Mattix and Jed Brewer

Our sermons this year look at the whole Bible and ask how God's story can make sense of, and shape, our own stories.

Join us as we discuss the sermon and ask how the texts and themes we are learning about and God's relationships with people in the New Testament apply to our lives.

The upcoming sermon topics will be:

  • April 23  Pentecost and the Birth of the Church
  • April 30 Breaking Down Barriers in the Church
  • May 7     Paul's Conversion and Message
  • May 14    Barnabas

Christians, Culture, and Community: From Strangers to Neighbors

Facilitated by Steven Shetterly and Rhonda McEwen

This class is for people with an interest in connecting with, learning from and reaching out to people from different cultures. Building on the themes in the film, Between a Shoe and the Roof, along with the short text, Christians and Cultural Difference, this interactive class will blend video, readings, discussions, and practical application to explore how followers of Christ can relate to other cultures in an increasingly pluralistic society. It is hoped that participants will not only be better informed, but motivated to engage in opportunities for further intercultural learning and ministry within Bellingham and beyond.

Please note: Participants are expected to purchase the book (approx. $8) and read the relevant chapter(s) before meeting together each       week.